Setup AEON Wallet using Linux (light)

– Prepare your Ubuntu from scratch
– Setup AEON Wallet from scratch
– Start daemon with remote blockchain
– Start simplewallet

– Ubuntu 16.04
– If you have 12GB RAM or enough HDD/SDD space available, please check out the normal guide: Setup AEON Wallet using Linux

– I am not a linux professional, some parts of this guide can be improved and be done in a more professional way.
– If you use the commands as root user, you can skip the “sudo” in each command
– It is strongly recommended to use a local blockchain to strengthen the AEON network and prevent centralization
– If you use this version of the AEON Wallet, you will have less feature available and the remote blockchain can further limit your features as they please.
– This guide is mostly recommended for setups, where the hardware requirements of the normal setup can not be met
– Solomining is not possible in this setup. This setup is only for wallet creation and use.



Table of contents:
Step 1: Login and updating your Ubuntu
Step 2: Install required packages
Step 3: Download and installation of AEON wallet
Step 4: First start of simplewallet



Step 1: Login and updating your Ubuntu

Login to your Ubuntu.

If you see a message upon login saying:

Then you must update your Ubuntu first. For that we must update the package list of Ubuntu first:

sudo apt-get update

Let your Ubuntu work and wait for it to finish.

When you see the [user]@[yourhostname]:~# line, it means the command has been executed. Always make sure that the last few lines of on the commandline doesnt contain error messages.
A known issue is: E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib…
If you get that, it could mean you just freshly booted your ubuntu and it was still starting up. Wait for a few more minutes and retry the command for update.

Now we can start the actual update of Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Let your Ubuntu work until it pauses.


Confirm with y and press enter to continue the installation of the updates. It will take a while now, wait for it to finish.

Now that the update is done, we need to reboot Ubuntu.


Once the reboot is done, login again on your Ubuntu.

Now you will see, that there is no pending package to install. Good job!


Step 2: Install required packages

We need to install now the required packages for AEON.
(AEON Dependencies: GCC 4.7.3 or later, CMake 2.8.6 or later, and Boost 1.53 or later (except

sudo apt-get install cmake g++ libboost-all-dev

Let your Ubuntu work until it pauses. Confirm again with y and wait till it finishes. All required packages are now installed.


Step 3: Download and installation of AEON wallet

Time to setup our AEON wallet.

sudo git clone aeon

This command clones the AEON repository on your Ubuntu into the folder “aeon”. Switch now into that folder.

cd aeon

Start compiling the aeon code.

sudo make

This will take a while. Sit back and relax and wait for it to finish. Progress can be seen by the % given in the commandline.

After it finished, we can navigate to the new files.

cd build/release/src

And see the content of the folder


There you will see the 4 newly generated files:
– aeond
– simplewallet
– simpleminer
– connectivity_tool

For easier access, we copy one file to the main folder “aeon”.

Copy of simplewallet (if you started this guide in a different folder, please adjust path)
sudo cp /root/aeon/build/release/src/simplewallet /root/aeon

Now we navigate back to the main “aeon” folder.

Either repeat this command till you’re back in “aeon” folder
cd ..
This command jumps one folder up.

or jump directly to the main folder
cd /root/aeon

Check for your copied file

You should see simplewallet. Simplewallet will be the tool you need for handling your personal AEON Wallet.

Another step is done and you are ready to start your wallet.


Step 4: First start of simplewallet

To use your simplewallet with a remote blockchain use following command to start simplewallet:

./simplewallet --daemon-address


./simplewallet --daemon-address


This remote blockchain is maintained by the reddit user: /u/Lespristy
From here on, the simplewallet will accept the same commands as it does in the normal setup. But due to technical restrictions it will have less features available / won’t execute certain commands.


You just setup your own AEON Wallet. Congratulation and welcome to the world of AEON:)

For intructions on how to use the AEON wallet, click here.