Setup AEON Wallet using Windows (light)

– Setup AEON Wallet from scratch
– Start daemon with remote blockchain
– Start simplewallet

– Windows 7 or higher
– If you have 12GB RAM or enough HDD/SDD space available, please check out the normal guide: Setup AEON Wallet using Windows

– I am not a windows professional, some parts of this guide can be improved and be done in a more professional way.
– It is strongly recommended to use a local blockchain to strengthen the AEON network and prevent centralization
– If you use this version of the AEON Wallet, you will have less feature available and the remote blockchain can further limit your features as they please.
– This guide is mostly recommended for setups, where the hardware requirements of the normal setup can not be met
– Solomining is not possible in this setup. This setup is only for wallet creation and use.



Table of contents:
Download AEON Wallet
Create a shortcut for easier use
First start of simplewallet



Step 1: Download AEON Wallet

Go to and download the newest AEON package. For this guide we use the binary AEON- since it is the most user friendly way.

You will see two files:
– aeond.exe
– simplewallet.exe

Create a new folder on your computer with the name “aeon”. Copy simplewallet.exe to “aeon”.


Step 2: Create a shortcut for easier use

Rightclick on simplewallet.exe->Create shortcut

Rightclick on the newly created shortcut->Properties

Change the parameter in “Target:” from:
"C:\Users\YourUser\Desktop\aeon\simplewallet.exe" --daemon-address
"C:\Users\YourUser\Desktop\aeon\simplewallet.exe" --daemon-address

Confirm this change by clicking on OK.


Step 3: First start of simplewallet

Double click on your shortcut “simplewallet.exe – Shortcut” to start your wallet.


This remote blockchain is maintained by the reddit user: /u/Lespristy
From here on, the simplewallet will accept the same commands as it does in the normal setup. But due to technical restrictions it will have less features available / won’t execute certain commands.


You just setup your own AEON Wallet. Congratulation and welcome to the world of AEON:)

For intructions on how to use the AEON wallet, click here.