10,000 Aeon for the first working open source web wallet verified by devs

This bounty is offered by katiecharm.
Quote by katiecharm in Reddit:


I’m. Drunk. Sorry. But we need a web wallet man. Mymonero is like, open source right? We need those assets.

How can I make this happen?

How about offering a bounty of a future dragons hoard of Aeon?

Let’s do disssssss. So drunk but fuckit. 10,000 Aeon for the first working web wallet that at least one dev blesses as kosher.

All my love and ??? fellow cryptonoters.

UPDATE on this bounty:
5000 AEON will be paid through AEON dev fund by smooth (no enddate) and 5000 AEON will be paid by katiecharm (offer good until November 1st, 2018). See below link for details about the changes of this bounty:


UPDATE 2 on this bounty by smooth:
Here are some comments I sent to an interested developer who asked me via PM. Of course this applies to anyone. Bear in mind that I’ve offered to cover half of the bounty from the dev fund. The other half was an offer from an individual who may have slightly different requirements.

Also worth noting:
If there are multiple acceptable solutions in a reasonable time period the bounty will be split
If someone has a credible proposal with a specific schedule and wants to ‘bid’ for limited-time exclusivity (essentially claiming the bounty contingent on delivering according to a pre-determined schedule), I will leave it up to community consensus whether such an offer should be accepted. Absent such consensus the bounty is open to all.

The bounty is for an open source implementation that makes it possible for anyone to host a web wallet, similar to MyMonero (in that the host does not have the private keys).

It doesn’t have to be exactly like MyMonero nor as user-friendly as MyMonero in every regard. For example, the very popular myetherwallet is far less friendly than MyMonero IMO, but still satisfies the requirements (except of course that it is an Ethereum wallet not AEON).

The code should pass reasonable community peer review (i.e. not be crap).

Whether you want to actually host it is up to you. I can see it working both ways, where a dev is happy to release the code but doesn’t want the responsibility of operating it, or someone who does intend to host/operate a wallet sees the bounty as a source of initial funding.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Aeon/comments/7fpqtv/some_comments_on_the_web_wallet_bounty/

For further information contact Reddit User: /u/katiecharm or /u/smooth_xmr