EM: Stratum connection timeout / Stratum connection interrupted


i heard from several sources that they experienced issues with the CPUMiner Multi (forked by tpruvot) on the Serenity AEON Pool.

The issue involves…

Miner side error:
Stratum connection timeout
Stratum connection interrupted

Pool side error:
Miner got disconnected

Because of this issue, the pool thinks the miner is not responding correctly and bans the ip for 10min. Therefor those affected miner lose sometimes 10min of mining.

References that Im investigating:

I am currently investigating this issue and trying to find a solution. Any hints on a solution are appreciated and if this issue also appears on any other mining software than CPUMiner Multi (forked by tpruvot), please inform me so i know the extend of this issue.





Workaround for CPUMiner Multi (forked by tpruvot): Modify your starting command with the parameter -T [seconds] (you have to adjust the timeout to your setup, try out which amount of time fits your setup the best to prevent this error). This parameter will overwrite the default 300s timeout of the miner with your setting.

For example:
sudo ./cpuminer-multi/cpuminer -a cryptolight -o stratum+tcp://: -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.staticdiff -p x -t NUMBER_OF_THREADS -T 60