Survey result: AEON – But why?

I wanna thank everyone who participated in this survey. This will help the community to understand each other, set the focus and to find a common ground for future plans.

As promised, here are the results of the survey: AEON – But why?





What is something you always wanted to tell the community?

There is enough willing talent to drive things forward, but it requires getting people onside and a development plan going forward. There are plenty of little things people can do to help out, even if it’s just biging up the coin on public forums.


if aeon is better than monero because its mobile friendly, why dont we have anything mobile yet?

To the mooooon!

I would like to see more of the recent features added to xmr fused with Aeon. I also think that a mobile app that can sync with a remote node would help bring more people into the Aeon community.

Would love to help out designing a mobile wallet, I think that’s the next big step for Aeon value wise, otherwise we should start looking at ways to to make it future proof, i.e. ‘quantum resistant’. I think getting a mobile wallet makes it useful now and moving the underlying tech forward makes it more useful later. Willing to wait for something great. Aeon was supposed to be mobile Monero right?… which seems really useful to a lot of groups.

We are the future, guys

Thanks for helping me out with learning to use Aeon Hiho!

Winter is coming