smooth: “Please stop the FUD…”

Quote from bitcointalk (06-07-2017, 22:39:30):

Please stop the FUD. I have not abandoned anything. I’ve continued to comment here, reddit, and IRC.

I’m working on finishing up the rebase. The existing code base is fragile, unstable under certain conditions, not used by any other coins any more and needs to be dropped. (I suggested to the exchanges (the ones that I know about) that they disable their wallets until the update is ready because of the observed instability of the network. My recommendation will remain the same until the new release is ready because network instability could lead to major financial losses. These are experimental and complicated systems. Do not expect everything to work perfectly all the time.)

Price will do what it does. Miners will decide whether or not to mine this coin. None of that has any impact on the work being done to improve the coin by deploying a better platform for future development. Yes, there are still plans for future development and the idea is to do something that actually adds value to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and not just another clone.

However you feel about the pace or direction of development, FUD and incorrect statements are not helpful, and paying attention to FUDsters is a good way to get screwed in crypto (not specific to AEON).

BTW, here is where I posted on reddit 3 days ago. If you have the slightest idea how to reddit this would not be hard to find: