Serenity keeps flying

Quote from Reddit: resetting

I am posting here just to let you know that I am resetting fresh.

I’ve been monitoring the pool since 24 hours ago and, although it finds some block but seems like it didnt calculate any share submitted by miners. There was a problem related to how the share is stored in the pool lmdb. I tried my best with all of my technical experience but still there is a thing that is out of my capability.

So I plan to reset the pool, and start fresh. Temporarily I will redirect all mining workers to /u/thehihoguy ‘s serenity pool, so for now please check your stats there

I will find a way to calculate the share for the maturing block, and credit it back to the miners

Serenity survived the high load of miners and keeps flying. Payouts were all done successfully. During the up to 400kH/s with 128 miners the pool was stable and didnt show any signs of overload. Our guests returned already to their homepool and Serenity wishes them all the best on their journey:)

To support our guests and cleanup the pool, we will restart the pool three times this week. No action from the miners required. The breaks will be super short and you might not even notice it.

First restart is necessary to redirect the rest of the guests.
Second restart to lower the payout treshold to 0.01 and payout all the guests (so our guests wont have pending balance left at Serenity when returning to their homepool).
After that a third restart will be necessary to restore the payout treshold to the original 0.5 AEON.

Will update here once all reboots are done. After that we will be back to normal operation.




– First restart done
– Second restart done
– Third restart done