Disabled AEON wallet on Bittrex

Statement of Bittrex about the disabled AEON wallet

We are waiting on the developer for code updates to this wallet. This coin will not be re-enabled until the developer provides the fix. Please contact the developer with further questions, however, be aware that they have stated they are actively working on this issue.

I cannot provide an ETA on when it will be re-enabled as this is in the hands of the developer.


thehihoguy’s opinion (does not represent the opinion of aeon core devs)

Please do understand that with providing a service in a community such as developing aeon, maintaining a pool or anything else, you kinda promise a certain support and responsibility for your service. at least in a serious coin development.

And since the aeon core dev is working on the new code, the ressources on fixing the old code has been reduced to its minimum, to maximize the progress on the new code.

As this old code has minimum ressources assigned, it can not be guaranteed to work 100% without outage. So the decision was made to recommend exchanges to lock the wallet for now.
That way aeons ressources can focus on updating the new code.

Its up to each exchange to decide if they follow the recommendation or ignore it/take responsibility to run an unstable wallet. Bittrex put their reputation as a trustworthy and stable service over a potential profit with their decision to follow aeons dev recommendation.

If you are really worried about the locked fund, you can sell your aeon on bittrex and optionally move them to hitbtc to rebuy aeon. Bittrex is not holding your money as hostage.

Hope I didnt offend anyone but I felt like, it had to be said to provide people with a different view on everything.

All Im asking you guys is for patience towards the code rebase. You have to see the big picture to vision the future of aeon:)