AEON Giveaway on REDDIT (22. Sept 2017)

Reddit User /u/cantsmokeme is currently making an AEON Giveaway promotion on /r/CryptoCurrency to promote AEON to the cryptoworld.

Description by cantsmokeme (from announcement post):
Tomorrow morning I’m going to write a little synopsis on AEON. I’m going to place this synopsis before the giveaway. I think I’m gonna make the rules so people have to read a little bit into the project. So maybe have the participants write a couple sentences on their favorite part of the project.

Hidden Jadestone:
We would like to thank /u/cantsmokeme for his endeavour to promote AEON!

Thats why we are donating 10 AEON to his giveaway. This will extend his promotion from previous 6 days + Last big giveaway to 7 days + Last big giveaway.
Anyone else, who want to join in, can go to the original post and donate to his giveaway event.

At the moment of this post, the giveaway is already on the second day: AEON Giveaway #2

Good luck from Hidden Jadestone!