Maintenance update release ( and development update

Quote from Bitcointalk (30-09-2017):

This maintenance release improves the portability and reliability of the existing (RAM-based) daemon implementation, and includes deployment notes for operators of important nodes, solo miners and pool operators.

This is being offered as an interim solution as the process of transitioning to the new (LMDB-based) daemon implementation proceeds. We have decided on a staged release for the new daemon, beginning with a new AEON testnet release expected next week. Following and after reviewing public community experience with the testnet we will be scheduling a planned hard fork to transition the main net to the new daemon.

It will be our recommendation to services which have suspended wallet operations to reenable them at this time, ideally with extended confirmation requirements to provide protection against any reoccurrences of the earlier network instability. However, review of logs from the past two months do not indicate that any such instability continues. We believe this is due to improved operational procedures by mining pools, and the deployment notes contained within the latest release should further minimize the possibility of such a recurrence.

Additional information about the testnet rollout will be available next week.

There are no Windows binaries at this time. Until they are added, trusted community members may wish to provide binaries, but all are advised to use caution whenever downloading binaries, or wait for official binaries.

Release notes:

Phoenix (

The maintenance release is recommended, especially for users of the RPC wallet.

In addition, anyone operating an important node or mining (solo mining or operating a pool; not pool client miners) should review the new deployment notes.

Numerous portability and compilation fixes (stoffu, appveyor)
RPC wallet exception handling for improved reliability (upstream from XMR/QCN, sammy007)
Added deployment notes in README