Public nodes – new list

Quote from Reddit User /u/Lespristy (02-10-2017):

What’s the point of a public node?
You can use these to sync your wallets without needing to run your own local daemon. There are some other things you could do with them, and the overall idea is to lower the barrier to entry so that more people can get into Aeon with less effort. Which increases the value of all our coins.

Public nodes
I’ve been running one node since April, and have recently added two more in order to have at least one up all the time. I’m providing these free for the community to use.

  • (
  • (
  • (

These IPs can change, so please use the DNS name. They are also ordered by bandwidth and performance, so please use “node” before trying the others.

How to use public nodes?
Example simplewallet command:
simplewallet --daemon-address
Happy syncing!

EDIT: I have updated DNS to a “round-robin” option.

“” will return the first and second node server IPs in a simple load-balanced manner. The original node is now “”.

I created a FAQ/Howto in case any other community members want to run their own public nodes.

FAQ/Howto: set up a public node

If you do run your own public node and want people to use it, I can add it as a DNS A record to My goal is something like, where you can access any open node with one domain name like “”.