My AEON pool is not using Phoenix but, is that bad?

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I mine on a pool that has recently upgraded to AEON release But when I check for the newest AEON release on github, I see the release Does that mean, that my pool is outdated and invalid?

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TLDR: No, your pool is fine and you dont have to worry. All is working as designed.

Now for the longer explanation…
AEON release was the latest version that was recommended by the AEON devs for pool owner and public nodes. It has improved stability performance and will prepare us for the code rebase.

The Release Phoenix is build on top of and has additional parameters added, which are very helpful in running a public node. Since those parameters are not necessarily needed by pool owners, it was announced by the AEON devs, that this update is optional.

So as soon as the release was released, the pool owners updated the daemon to the newest version to comply with the AEON standards. Release was later released and since it was optional, pool owners did not necessarily upgrade the pool again (to prevent interruptions for the miners and provide a stable service).

Hope this clears things up for most people:)