10 AEON for an AEON powerpoint presentation (closed)

This bounty is offered by Hidden Jadestone


You have friends, that dont know AEON yet? You are thinking on how to explain it to them but you dont know where to start? Then you are one of many who are struggling with this issue.

For this reason we announce the bounty for a great AEON powerpoint presentation to encourage learning.

Reward: 10 AEON
Job: Design a beautiful, appealing and informative powerpoint presentation about AEON.
– Only one submission per person accepted
– Presentation must be informative and about AEON
– Since this presentation is about AEON, it should incorperate the AEON logo in the design (source) in some form
– submission has to be free to use/edit for the community after the contest
– no watermark
– only allowed formats for submission: .ppt / .pps / .pptx / .ppsx / .pdf
– only submissions created after the announcement of this bounty are accepted. (i.e. already existing presentations about AEON will not be accepted and stealing from google/other creators/etc is not allowed)

Provide your submission to /u/thehihoguy till 24. November 2017.
Either by fileshare service (uploaded.to, etc)/dropbox/file hosted somewhere where we can download it or similar.

The submissions will be displayed on Hidden Jadestone after the 24. November 2017. Once its open to the public, the community will have the option to vote for their favourite and the one with the most votes on 01. December 2017 midnight (UTC+1) will win the bounty.

For further information contact Reddit User: /u/thehihoguy