15 AEON for the first verified opensource paper wallet generator (closed)

This bounty is offered by Hidden Jadestone. Bounty was donated by the Reddit User: Kosass. Thanks a lot Kosass for supporting this cause!


Wouldnt it be cool if you could have a card sized paper wallet that looks fancy? One that you could hide for the future or give as a gift to someone?

For this reason we announce the bounty for an opensource paper wallet generator.

Reward: 15 AEON
Job: Provide an opensource AEON paper wallet generator for the community that can be used offline to generate a printable paper wallet design which has at least the public key, private key and a QR code of the public key on it. It should also include a seed generator, which can be taken/forked from existing sources.
– Paperwallet generator must be opensource on github
– Paperwallet generator must be usable offline
– Paperwallet generator must be verified by one of the monero/aeon core devs or by moneromooo/arux.
– The paperwallet generator needs to include at least following features: able to generate a new AEON seed, output a printable paper wallet design with public and private key of said new AEON seed + QR code with public key of said new AEON seed
– Since this paper wallet is for AEON, it should incorperate the AEON logo in the design of the paperwallet (source) in some form
– Make a nice paper wallet design:P

There is no end date to this bounty. The first verified functioning submission entered by Reddit DM to /u/thehihoguy will get the bounty reward.

For further information contact Reddit User: /u/thehihoguy