Serenity pool down (05. Dec 2017)

Current status:
– checked

The server got hacked…the main pool folders are missing (the hidden aeon blockchain folder is still around so I had a confirmation, that it wasnt a blank OS).

Beside that there was a Readme.txt file with following link:

Currently checking the pool wallet by generating it with the seed. I think I will focus my ressources on Hidden Jadestone from now on and let Serenity rest.

For all you other pool owner, this is was happened and it could give you a impression on how to notice such a hack:
1-2 weeks ago, i couldnt connect to the pool though server was online I restarted the server and business went as usual but today it happened again. After restarting the server, the files were missing and the hacker note Readme.txt replaced my files.

I am really sad about this but what can I do…:/