Simplewallet/Aeond transaction didnt work? Heres the solution….

Relax, your balance can never be lost through such an issue:) Lets do this guide step by step to recover your balance…

It is possible there was a backlog when the price was going up rapidly, that is not uncommon, so transactions may have been slow. Have patience and check later again if the issue persists. If you still cant see anything after an hour, then the issue might be that your transaction was not sent by your node for a variety of reasons. In that case follow these instructions to rescan your wallet and regain access to the unspent coins.


Solution Step 1:
You should rename your wallet binary file (the one that does NOT end with .keys or .txt) and restart the wallet. It will rescan the chain and assuming the transaction was not mined (usually because your node failed to broadcast it for some reason) then the coins will once again be available for use. This may require waiting 24 hours for the tx to drop out of the mempool, assuming it was actually ever there.


Solution Step 2:
You can try shutting down your daemon, delete poolstate.bin (C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\aeon) and restart the deamon. This will clear out the mempool on your own daemon so it will accept the new tx. However, there is no guarantee that any other nodes will accept it, so for that you may have to wait 24 hours.


Additional info:
Please do not send txs with mix 0 at this point. There is only one slot for mix 0 transactions per block, and competition for that slot can mean transactions will be delayed for a long time. Even sending with a mixin rate of 1 can cause delays, especially when the network sees an increase in value. Best to use the minimum meaningful mixin level of 2. This will reduce delays.

In the event your transaction does not make it into a block, it gets returned to you after 1-3 days.

Eventually AEON will have dynamic fees and higher bidders will get priority, but dynamic fees arent the default right now in AEON. You can start though simplewallet with the flag “–fee-multiplier X” where X is a number from 1 to 99. (And your 0.01 fee will be multiplied accordingly aka increase your priority therefor)!