HJ will be temporarily inactive

Hello everyone,

Since i’ve noticed more and more questions about my whereabouts, i have decided to make a public statement.

The AEON project does no longer align with my personal opinion on how things should be run in the AEON community and therefor I will no longer spend personal time on contributing to the project. I wont update HJ for now and will take a lurker role in the AEON subreddit. I will be still around and observe how things will develope from here. There might even come a time where the AEON project aligns again with my personal view on things and then I will be more active again.

Not gonna go into details as I dont wanna create FUD. If you really need to know the reason, you can contact me in Reddit through DM.

For now, i wish the AEON project all the best and may everyone have a great day ahead:)