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Serenity Maintenance: 30.09.2017

Serenity pool is now upgraded to the newest AEON daemon v0.9.13.0. Will observe in the coming days, how it will behave and make sure, there is no problem with the pool. Thanks for your trust and happy mining:) regards thehihoguy […]

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Maintenance update release ( and development update

Quote from Bitcointalk (30-09-2017): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=641696.msg22391055#msg22391055 Smooth: This maintenance release improves the portability and reliability of the existing (RAM-based) daemon implementation, and includes deployment notes for operators of important nodes, solo miners and pool operators. This is being offered as an […]

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Serenity Maintenance: 20.07.2017

Problem fixed. Serenity up running again:) Seems like my vps provider has only a certain slots available for all server and during the restart all slots were taken. Had to wait and retry several times till it worked again to […]

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