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Result of voting: Powerpoint bounty

Here are results of the voting. The winner is SkorpF with 33 votes. Winner will get his reward of 10 AEON. Second placed DerekPadula with 17 votes will get 5 AEON. MyBigDickOnYourFace will get 1 AEON for participating. Thanks again […]

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Vote for your winner: Powerpoint bounty

Here are the submissions, which have entered the powerpoint bounty. If you cant see all 3 submission, please just reload the website and it will appear. Voting closed   SkorpF submission     DerekPadula submission     MyBigDickOnYourFace submission (submission […]

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10 AEON for an AEON powerpoint presentation (closed)

This bounty is offered by Hidden Jadestone Hiho, You have friends, that dont know AEON yet? You are thinking on how to explain it to them but you dont know where to start? Then you are one of many who […]

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