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HJ will be temporarily inactive

thehihoguy: Hello everyone, Since i’ve noticed more and more questions about my whereabouts, i have decided to make a public statement. The AEON project does no longer align with my personal opinion on how things should be run in the […]

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Serenity pool down (05. Dec 2017)

Current status: – checked The server got hacked…the main pool folders are missing (the hidden aeon blockchain folder is still around so I had a confirmation, that it wasnt a blank OS). Beside that there was a Readme.txt file with […]

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Serenity pool temporarily down (29. Nov 2017)

Current status: – checked – rebooting server and waiting for the node – started AEOND – started wallet – redis db went corrupt and had to be replaced with backup that is 24h old – now all running again… Sorry […]

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